Phenolic Resin

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Chemical Base

Insul MWI 50 is a Bisphenol A / formaldehyde based phenolic resin. It is a heat reactive resin, having excellent compatibility with a broad range of wire enamels like polyesters , Polyesterimides and Polyvinyl Formals.


The resin is light in colour. The resin when used in wire enamels improves the flow properties on wires , providing an excellent surface to the coated wire Further to this it improves the mechanical, thermal & electrical properties of the enameled wire .Property enhancement of this Phenolic resin is applicable to enamels based on Polyesters, Polyestreimides and Poly vinyl formal by cross linking reaction. It’s antioxidant properties are an added advantage


In wire enamel as described above, it improves the flow properties of the enamel in addition to improving mechanical , electrical and thermal properties.

Recommended Quantity

Maximum 2 % by weight calculated on total weight of wire enamel, for polyesters and 1% for polyesterimides.

Typical Properties of Insul MWI-50





Colour& Appearance [*]



Clear light yellow liquid

Viscosity at 30°C by Ford cup 4 mm [*]




Non Volatile Matter [*]

MWP-TM-008 [**] 1gm./ 150° C / 1hr.


50 - 52

Flash point

MWP-TM-005 [**] (Closed Cup)



Storage Stability/Shelf life[*]

In original sealed containers below 45° C in a dry place


> 6

[*} These properties form our sales specification
[**] Internal test methods available on request

Packaging and storage



MS Barrel Qty

25 and 200 Kgs.

Per Pallet Quantity

800 Kg.

[*} These properties form our sales specification
[**] Internal test methods available on request

Safe handling

Insul MWI-50 is Corrosive liquid. Personal Protective Equipments like PVC hand gloves, safety goggles, face shield ,Safety shoes etc. should be used while handling the product. In the unfortunate event of a fire,Use foam, CO2 or dry chemical for fire fighting.

Inhalation and direct contact with the skin ,eyes etc. should be avoided. Wash thoroughly after handling the product .Remove contaminated clothes immediately. In case of contact, the affected area should be washed with soap and plenty of water. Seek medical help. when needed.

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