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ESTREX – S is a EU REACH compliant, FDAapproved ,THEIC modified Polyesterimide resin .The presence of imide group and THEIC in the molecule makes it resistant to unfriendly environments like chemicals and heat. The polymer also has a strong backbone of polyesterin it`s structure. The polyester backbone supports adhesion to various substrates when a coating is formulated from this polymer.Another advantage is that it doesnot require prohibited solvents like NMP for dissolution.The resin is hydroxyl functional and has the property of self -cross linking .Coatings for metals like Aluminum with superior properties can be formulated from this resin.It is supplied in the form of lumps.


ESTEREX-S is used for formulating coatings which are used on metals (for example, Aluminum) for external and internal surface for monoblocs, aerosolsand tubes.ESTEX –S can cure with Phenolic resins and amino resins. Coatings with excellent oxygen barrier properties can be formulated from this resin.Several of various applications are Internal and external lacquers for Aluminum cans and steel Beer and beverage cans. Coatings for Aluminum aerosols and Aluminum bottles and tubes. Internal liner coating of Aluminum caps.

For dissolving ESTREX –S , A solvent system consisting of Benzyl alcohol and aromatic hydrocarbons is used.

Estrex – s Properties





Colour& Appearance [*]



Pale to dark Reddish brown solid

Melting Point [*]

MWP-TM-011 [**


80 - 100

Acid Value [*]

MWP-TM-019 [**]

mg KOH/gm.

≤ 7

Solids content[*]

MWP-TM-008 [**] 1gm/ 180° C / 2hr

% weight

> 97.0%

Flash point

MWP-TM-004 [**](open Cup)


> 170

Storage Stability

> Inoriginal sealed container, at 20 to 38 0C temperature



[*} These properties form our sales specification
{**] Internal test methods available on request

Packaging and storage

ESTREX –S is supplied in lumps form, packed in 25 kg HDPE Paper laminated antistatic bags The packing should be stored in original sealed condition , in a covered area away from direct sun light , rain water and source of electric sparks

Safe handling

ESTREX – S is environmentally hazardous substance in solid form. All general precautions required for environmentally hazardous substance should be taken during handling the material. Personal protective equipment such as gloves, goggles and face mask should be used. Powder form material should not be inhaled. For detailed instructions on hazards and safe handling, please read our MSDS- 71

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