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Miicron is an exporter of Phenol blocked Polyisocyanates, PEI Resins, Phenolic Resins, Tiatanates & THEIC to European , Asian & other continents.We specialise in raw materials used in the formulation of Varnish, Wire Enamels, Inks, Paints, etc. At Miicron, consistent quality means the world to us.

Miicron was founded in the year 1992 under the name Insulation Wire & Polymers. Miicron began its activities of manufacture of different types of resins. These resins find application in wire enamel formulations, etc.

Later in the year 2000 Miicron introduced Blocked. Isocyanates, which find application in formulations of wire enamels, can coating and special paints formulations.Our Isocyanates meet the stringent internal and customer specifications. Miicron specialises in supplies of Titanates (Basic, Polymerised, Chelated). These Titanates are widely used in paints, inks and other formulations.

PEI Resin, ESTEREX-S is used for formulating coatings which are used on metals (for example, Aluminum) for external and internal surface for monoblocs, aerosols and tubes. ESTEREX-S can cure with Phenolic resins and amino resins. Coatings with excellent oxygen barrier properties can be formulated from this resin. Several of various applications are Internal and external lacquers for Aluminum cans and steel Beer and beverage cans. Coatings for Aluminum aerosols and Aluminum bottles and tubes. Internal liner coating of Aluminum caps.


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